Pool Parties

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Pricing can change with the number of people/hours/if you want to book on a closed day etc. After Poseidon gets approval from the HOA/management company, that you are an approved resident, Brittany will send an agreement and invoice to your email.


For a standard pool party at a regular facility only needing 2 lifeguards on an operating day (which has to be booked before or after operating hours) would be as follows:


-2 hours minimum

-2 lifeguards minimum and with those 2 lifeguards, the resident can have up to 40 people INSIDE the gates. Regardless of if they are swimming or not. @$25.00/hour/lifeguard (non-refundable)

-$25.00 booking fee (non-refundable)

-$100.00 refundable security deposit

- You can book on a closed day for an additional $50.00 'non-operational day' fee.

- Additional fee of $50.00 applied if booking within 2 weeks of party for rush scheduling


The total including the deposit will be: $225.00. The deposit will be returned 5 business days after the day of the pool party.